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traditional bamboo ear pick
traditional bamboo ear pick

traditional bamboo ear pick

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Clean your ears the Japanese way, and eco-friendly way.

One way to ditch your disposable cotton swabs is through our Bamboo Ear Pick. It has a teeny-tiny spoon that you can use to gently scoop your wax and remove it from your ear.


Based from our inch-perfect measurement from base to top of the cutlery, its length is 4.5 inches, AKA 11cm.

care & cleaning

Cleaning your bamboo cutlery is easier than your skincare routine. Clean it with a bit of water, and then dry it with a towel for keeping.

Remember: Don't put the ear pick into your ear deeply and be careful to use it. Also, always dry your bamboo ear pick when you are finished with it. Soaking or keeping them wet for too long may weaken the bamboo.

proper disposal

Our bamboo ear pick is 100% compostable. So, when it outlived its use, return it to Earth by burying it in the ground or putting it in your bio-waste bin.


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