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natural loofah
natural loofah
natural loofah

natural loofah

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An exfoliator that doesn’t fake a thing, as it is 100% natural, vegan and ready to buff away dry, dull skin and dirty dishes – don’t get us wrong, we don’t recommend using only one loofah for your skin and dirty dishes.

care & cleaning

Nobody wants a bacteria party all over your body or your dishes, so spare an effort in cleaning and taking care of your loofah – love it like how you love your beauty blender.

Keep it dry: After washing yourself, (optional: soap it up if you want to be extra cautious), rinse it and let it hang to dry outside the shower for more airflow.

Microwave it: Occasionally microwave your loofah for 20 seconds while damp – make sure it's fully damp throughout.

Be on full alert: Replace it when it smells or when it changes color.

proper disposal

Our loofah is 100% compostable. So, when they outlived its use, return it to Earth by burying it in the ground or putting it in your bio-waste bin.


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