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cutlery roll-up
cutlery roll-up
cutlery roll-up

cutlery roll-up

Regular price ₱295.00

A more organized and handy version of the Cutlery and Straw Set.

Whether it is for your to-go, for here or packed meal, everything you need is here: one (1) bamboo spoon, one (1) bamboo fork, one (1) bamboo knife, one (1) pair of bamboo chopsticks, one (1) bamboo regular straw, one (1) bamboo milk tea straw and one (1) straw cleaner, all rolled into a wrap!


Based from our inch-perfect measurement from base to top of the cutlery, its length is 7.5 inches, AKA 19.5cm.

care & cleaning

Cleaning your bamboo cutlery and straws is easier than your skincare routine. Clean them just like how you wash your flatware sets at home, and then dry immediately for keeping.

Remember: always dry your bamboo cutlery and straws when you are finished with it. Soaking or keeping them wet for too long may weaken the bamboo.

proper disposal

Our bamboo products are 100% compostable. So, when they outlived their use, return them to Earth by burying them in the ground or putting them in your bio-waste bin.


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