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reusable organic cotton rounds
reusable organic cotton rounds

reusable organic cotton rounds

Regular price ₱135.00

A cotton pad that is anything but waste, it is reusable!

This soft reusable organic cotton round is the best alternative to your single-use cotton balls, rounds and pads – perfect for ladies who love wearing makeup and will never miss a step in their skin care routine. The best part? From thousands of waste from your daily use of disposable cotton balls, you can change it to none! Oh and BTW, you can save hundreds of money too – extra savings, less waste!


Based from our inch-perfect measurement it has a diameter of 3 inches, AKA 8cm.

care & cleaning

Washing your reusable cotton rounds is faster and easier than your skincare routine. After every use, put it in a lingerie or delicates bag to prevent fraying, and then toss it in the wash. Of course, hand washing is always better, so if you are in the mood, DO IT!

FYI, using fragrance-free detergent is a must!! And please do NOT be too generous in putting detergent to your washer, as overdosing can cause detergent to get trapped within the fibers of your fabrics, which causes irritation of the skin.