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sisal hemp kitchen brush
sisal hemp kitchen brush

sisal hemp kitchen brush

Regular price ₱215.00

Options, options and options. We know you need it. So here is another kitchen brush for your dishes, fruits, pans, sink and other kitchen stuff. The good part? It has a detachable head! So after overusing it, you don't have to replace the whole brush: keep the handle and just change the head – less trash, happy earth!

With bristles that are made of fine sisal fiber that is extracted from the leaves of sisal plant, this kitchen brush is naturally antibacterial, recyclable, biodegradable, and free from any toxic chemicals.


Based from our inch-perfect measurement from base to top of the brush, it has a length of 3 inches, AKA 8 cm.

care & cleaning

Cleaning your Sisal Hemp Kitchen Brush is easier than your skincare routine. All you have to do is to rinse it after use and hang to dry.